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Take a look at our variety of beautiful witch balls, suncatchers, crystals and more!

Wondering what a Witch Ball is?  Our witchballs are colorful hand blown glass spheres.  Inside the witchballs are web-like strands of glass that add a delicate characteristic.  Every witchball is unique in color and vary slightly in spheroid shape.  There is a magical element surrounding Witch Balls because of their history.  Check out the numerous myths that make these Witch Balls a great conversation piece on our Witchball Legends page!

Witch Balls may also be referred to as Fairy Orbs, Spirit Balls, or Friendship Balls.  They all look similar, however, their legends suggest individual tales about their purposes.   

No matter what you call them, these orbs are mesmerizing!  Just hang them in a sunny window, rest them on a light box, or even place them in a garden!    

We have some of the finest Witch Balls on the web! 

Know someone that is moving or recently moved?  Bring them a Witch Ball as a housewarming gift!  Witchballs are a novel present.  They are better than just bringing a bottle of wine or a candle because they will show the person you put some thought into getting them an exceptional present. And best yet, the motley colors creating the beauty of witchballs will accentuate any room, no matter what color it is!  It is sure to be an incomparable contribution to their new home. 

Many of our items are great for adding color, light or sound to make any home happier!

Need a present with an even more personalized touch?  Our sun catchers come in a variety of designs.  We have butterflies, ladybugs, hummingbirds, cats, dolphins, flowers, etc.  We are bound to have one that will match you or your friends' interests.  If you don't see it here, please e-mail us and we will try to find one for you!

Want an even more radiant present?  Check out our crystals!  They are a brilliant touch to brighten one's day.  Either hang the crystals in a sunny light or project a spotlight onto it and be amazed by the rainbows that swarm the room!  Colorful specks of light will dance along your floor, ceiling, and walls. 

Sound good so far?  Wait till you hear the melodious charm of our windchimes!  We have wonderful windchimes made with metal, wood, or even shells.  


No matter what the occasion is we have a gift for you! 

You won't be let down by our amazing glass witch balls. They'll lighten up any room whether it be your own or someone else's.  Let the magic begin!

We are always trying to expand the items on our site so check back regularly.

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