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Glass Witch Balls at Sunny

Brilliant and Beautiful

In the Middle Ages, glass witch balls were hung around the house, not just to add color and beauty, but also to ward off witches and bad spirits. Nowadays, these glass balls still delight with their unending display of gorgeous color.

Glass witch balls in your house lighten up a room. Give one as a housewarming gift, or to improve your own home. Check out these witch balls:


Large Glass Witch Balls - Made in the United States and molded in the old-fashioned 'breath-blown' method, they are breathtaking!
Small Witch Balls - They're about three inches in diameter, and even add brilliant beauty to Christmas decorations
Kugels - They are similar to witch balls except without the strands of glass inside.  They come in many sizes and great colors.

Pure and Natural

Our lovely glass witch balls are made from the purest glass and will add to the spirit of your home. At Sunny you will also find many other natural ways to beautify your home, like:


Display Stands - for your witch balls and kugels

Sun Catchers - Let them turn sunlight into living colors

Much More - Check out our great products

Our Commitment to You

Find your perfect glass witch balls here! We are committed to bringing you the very best and to providing you with the convenient, secure shopping experience you deserve. Make your purchase with confidence, knowing you are getting great products at a great price.

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