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Magical Fairy Dust Necklace

Product #:  Fairy Dust Necklace

Every woman needs a little magic in her life. Bring some into your life by wearing this Amy Brown Fairy Dust Necklace.

Each necklace is filled with irresistible, sparkling fairy dust.

Next time you have a wish to make, just open your vial, shake a little into your palm, close your eyes tightly, and make your wish! Upon completion of your wish, open your eyes and blow the dust out of your palm. With any luck, a wonderful fairy will come along and help you with your wish!

Each vial contains hundreds of wishes on a 24" chain.

This magical fairy dust is available in pink, light purple, light blue or light green. 

Please choose the color you'd like before adding to your shopping cart.

Price:  $7.99

Fairy Dust Necklace