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Witch Ball uses

The Witch Ball is used for protection against evil spells, witches, negativity, sickness, and ill fortune.  Traditionally, Witch Balls are hung in an east window. However, any area around your home, whether in a window, porch, on a desk, or even outside in a garden, is a perfect spot to place a Witch Ball to ward off negative energy.

Witch Ball Magnetism

The magic behind the Witch Ball's function varies a little. Most legends agree, however, that it is the beautiful colors and fascinating dimensions of the balls that attract the negative energy surrounding it.

~One legend of the mystical Witch Ball is that the beauty of the balls attracts negative spirits thought to be threatening a home's tranquility.  The swirling colors and uniqueness of the orb mesmerizes the evil.  After the spirit is drawn to the ball and touches it, the Witch Ball absorbs and traps the spirit's energy within the webbed strands of glass inside the orb, preventing the spirit from affecting its surroundings.

~Another legend states that witches are curious creatures and are allured to the Witch Balls by the attractive colors, glistening bubbles, and sparkling strands of colored glass. The difference of this legend, though, is that the witches enter the glass ball on their own accord to investigate the miraculous sphere! Once inside they are trapped for eternity, unable to harm anyone any longer.

~Yet another legend suggests the Witch's Ball acts like a magnet. The positive element of the Witch Ball attracts the negative energy in the air just like positive and negative poles of a magnet are drawn together.  This legend suggests one display the ball in an area such as the bedroom to help rid the home of evil spirits.  When one is ill or feeling depressed, the person should stay near the Witch Ball so the evil that is causing the ailment is attracted to and pulled in by the witchball.  The negative energy, illness, and spirits trapped in the ball may then be exorcised by wiping the dust from the orb.

Many years hanging Witch Balls

Historically, Witch Balls have been around for over 600 years.  They were first molded into sloppy spherical shapes in the Medieval times to ward off witches, goblins, and evil spirits.  During Victorian times, Witch Balls were molded in a more refined shape and used higher quality glass and were displayed to declare prestige and wealth.  The legend was discussed but regarded more as a superstition.  Today, Witch Balls have become perfected in their shape and variety of colors to display beautifully as artwork or decorations, the belief of their magic and the true legend behind them is left for you to decide! 

The many names of Witch Balls

Witch Balls have had many names and different legends surrounding their existence. Each name has been used depending on their use or time in history.  A few of these names are Fairy Orbs, Pond Balls, Spirit Balls, Friendship Balls, Good Luck Balls, Globes of Happiness, Gazing Balls, and Butler Globes.

~Fairy Orbs resemble Witch Balls, however, the myth has changed in a positive way.  Instead of the beauty of the Witch Ball attracting witches and evil, Fairy Orbs attract fairies and luck.  The orbs remind fairies of flowers and come to inspect the wonderful colors.  The fairies find the Fairy Orb to be a wonderful treat and reward its owner by bestowing him or her with luck. 

~Pond Balls are essentially the same as a Witch Ball, however, instead of being hung from above, the ball is weighted and placed in a pond or pool of water.  The Pond Balls float on top of the water and add a delicate design to the pool.  It is also believed to be helpful.  The myth behind the Pond Ball is that animals see their reflections and retreat instead of preying on the fish or any other water dwelling animal living in the water.

~Spirit Balls are similiar to Witch Balls except they have an open hole on one end. In Colonial times, people believed they could protect their home from evil spirits by attracting the spirit with the bubbly, colorful surface of the spirit ball. The evil spirit would fly into the hole and become trapped in the glass strings inside.


~Friendship Balls resemble Witch Balls in shape, however, they are gifts to represent a symbol of friendship. The reason behind the present is that the shape of the Witch Ball has no beginning or end and continues around and around for eternity, the colors swirl together in a close harmony that accent each other like each other's personality, and the glisten of the Friendship Ball represents the sparkle of the smile one friend shares with the other.

~Good Luck Balls and Globes of Happiness are traditionally given as wedding gifts and housewarming gifts. They are said to bring the recipient good luck, happiness, health, and prosperity.

~Gazing Balls are slightly different from Witch Balls in that they are usually one solid color, have a more reflective surface, and are larger in size. The Gazing Ball also has a legend of attracting witches and evil spirits by its beauty, but, because of its reflective surface, it is believed the evil is scared away by its reflection opposed to being trapped inside. Gazing Balls are also used in gardens to help bring a prosperous growth and to add beauty. Gazing Balls may be used for meditational purposes as well.

~Butler Globes resemble Gazing Balls more than Witch Balls in that they are reflective. This quality was useful by butlers and maids to observe the behavior of guests. It allowed the hired help to properly tend to their masters and guests of the house without directly staring at them. For example, when properly placed, the Butler Globe would allow the servant to glimpse at the globe to notice who was done with their meals to take away their plates or see who may need a refill of their tea without constantly watching throughout the meal.